Bills of Interest to NH Fish and Game

This page includes brief summaries of selected bills of interest to the NH Fish and Game Department. If the NH Fish and Game Commission has taken a position on a particular bill, it will be noted below. If written testimony is available, a link is included in the left-hand column.

To view a bill or check its status and scheduled hearings, select the bill number.

Updated January 22, 2015

LSR # Bill # LSR Title Comments/F&G Commission Position
H-0262 HB336 relative to seasons for hunting by crossbow Oppose as written
H-0267 SB15 requiring owners of companion animals to leash such animals in the presence of a service dog Oppose as Written
H-0325   requesting the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Congress to relax rules on Atlantic states recreational fishing  
H-0361 HB464 establishing the fishing family protection act, prohibiting political subdivisions from interfering with commercial and recreation operations of fishing families  
H-0410 HB272 designating the Ham Branch watershed in Easton as a protected river and exempting the Ham Branch watershed from the comprehensive shoreland protection act  
H-0478 SB148 relative to the shellfish inspection program  
H-0516 SB38 establishing a commission to develop a land conservation plan  
H-0523 SB168 relative to the duties of the commissioner of the department of environmental services (Leases for shellfish restoration) Oppose, but support HB354
This bill requires the commissioner of the department of environmental services to make recommendations concerning the lease of certain state-owned submerged lands in the Great Bay estuary.
H-0538 HB281 defining "exotic aquatic species of wildlife" and relative to the duties of the exotic aquatic weeds and species committee  
H-0551 HB467 relative to the expiration of OHRV registrations and repealing the authority for 14-month initial OHRV registrations. FG Fiscal note. Significant cost. Oppose.
H-0593 HB290 relative to the acceptance of risk in outdoor recreational activities  
H-0600 HB499 permitting New Hampshire farmers to sell certain farm raised animals directly to the public  
H-0612 HB379 establishing a commission to study the effects of ocean acidification on commercially harvested species  
H-0627 HB500 repealing the prohibition on the use of silencing devices for taking wildlife. Oppose
H-0647 SB70 relative to the processing of lobster tails. Support
H-0651 HB505 relative to baiting for game birds and game animals by persons with a disability  
H-0654 HB172 relative to the size limitations of off highway recreational vehicles  
H-0688 HB354 relative to the closing of clam, oyster and other bivalve areas for restoration. Support
H-691 HB298 relative to the seasons for taking game animals and game birds with the use of bait. Oppose
H-0693   requiring the implementation of a plan for the transfer of the fish and game department to the department of safety on or before July 1, 2017. Oppose
H-0746 HB518 relative to authority to establish fees for licenses issued by the fish and game department Support
H-0750   relative to banning the use of boats on certain waters with a confirmed exotic aquatic species infestation  
H-0751   relative to aquatic invasive species and authorizing a program to inspect boats for the presence of aquatic invasive species.  
H-0774 HB212 relative to revocation of hunting licenses of persons convicted of a felony while hunting, trapping, or fishing. Oppose as written
S-0862 SB173 establishing a committee to study the feasibility of a club assistance program for all terrain vehicles and trail bikes Support
H-0911 SB87 relative to wake on a certain area of the Piscataqua River. Oppose
H-0929 SB181 relative to registration fees for hunter education programs of the fish and game department ** Dept. proposal. Support.
H-0930 SB222 relative to harassment of hunting, fishing, or trapping. ** Dept. proposal. Support.
H-0931 SB182 relative to the sale of freshwater fishing bait. ** Dept. proposal. Support.
H-0932 SB183 allowing the fish and game department to offer lifetime hunting and fishing licenses for newborns. ** Dept. proposal. Support.

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